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Hello my name is Raymond and I am a 5 year old Great Dane with osteosarcoma

August 24th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hi I am Raymond – but all of my friends call me Ray Ray, I am a five year old Great Dane who had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma just two weeks ago. My doctors told me that I needed to have my leg amputated so I would not be in pain. My parents were horrified with this prognosis. So they did tons of research and thanks to Tripawds, they learned so much about Moose and Nova, that it helped  them decide to be brave and set up my surgery as soon as possible. As of this morning I was taken to Fox Creek Veterinary  clinic  in Wildwood, MO to meet with my doctors and go through a three hour surgery to have my right front leg removed.  I know that my parents are worried sick about me, but I am in very good hands. the doctors called them and told them that the surgery went very well and I am on very good pain medication and receiving lots of hugs & love from everyone around me. If all goes well, I get to come home tomorrow morning.  My parents have brought home two twin size mattresses to lay on the floor, gated the stairs, have a ramp for me to get in and out of the car and even covered the kitchen floor with carpet, so I don’t have a chance of slipping. I know that my baby brother Rosco (4 year old great dane ) & my older brother (Dexter- 14 year old aussie mix) & of course my 7 year old Lab “girlfriend” Lucy all miss me and seem so very depressed that I am not home yet. But I will get to see them all very soon and I will no longer have that horrible pain in my leg and will soon be able to play with them all again.

I will let everyone know how it is going when I get home-

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  • Nova

    We are so glad to hear that Ray’s surgery went so well! You may find out very quickly that Ray can get around just fine without a ramp to get in an out of the car. Nova hopped in our minivan on her way out of the hospital! Ray will be back to doing what Danes do best in no time…. being couch potatoes and giving Great Dane “leans”.

    Sue and Nova

  • admin

    Hey Ray Ray! Welcome, and thanks for sharing your story. Best wishes for a complete, speedy recovery.

  • horacia

    Hi, you will be so happy getting him tomorrow! As to ramps, Horacia got on the back seat of my Ford Ranger Truck without problems. Just one advice, keep him a bit restrained, as my baby was kind of sore in the remaining legs (left front ampu) because i let her do too much exersise in the first couple of days and then i worried sick because she would not move at all! Now 12 days have passed since surgery and she is doing really great. Good luck and recovery
    Cecilia & Horacia

  • romeo2

    Dear Raymond: We just wanted to send our good wishes. Romeo had his surgery just one week ago today—-so everything you are going through is very fresh in our minds.
    This site and all its love and info sharing saved our lives—we’re sure it will do the same for you. (The forums have great info).

    Romeo is not a Great Dane but he is a big guy and he is doing really well (hopefully someday soon I’ll update our blog!).
    It was very emotional for us when we picked him up, but he is a trooper. Everyone once in awhile my partner and I still break down in tears that our beloved boy has to go through this.
    But we will all make it. Raymond looks like a sweetheart.
    It is amazing how much progress they make in a week!

    We did the same—mattresses everywhere. Romeo is a left front amp and he has hopped up into our minivan easily—he did not want help! We pulled out one of the seats out so he can go in the side which is a little lower. But he hops right in the back if given the chance. It is going down that is difficult for him.
    You’ll know what’s best, but our vet cautioned us against the ramp—they had recently had two dogs fall off the ramp and break their legs.
    You’re going to get a lot of love w/ all those siblings at home!
    Romeo’s furry friends have really cheered him up. I think he’s relieved just to be one of the guys.
    Good luck to you and your family! Romeo and Eve

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